Warrendale Wagyu


Established in 2017, we are a Yorkshire based Wagyu Beef Business, currently working in partnership with over 500 farmers across the UK, crossing our fullblood Wagyu genetics with dairy cows to produce a Wagyu cross, known as an F1 Wagyu.



Our love for Wagyu beef started a long time ago after a visit to Australia, where the unique quality of Wagyu was experienced. It has taken many years to build this passion for great tasting beef into the business we operate today. It’s only now that with the help of all of our farmers, from breeders to finishers that we have the Wagyu beef for all of our customers to enjoy.

At Warrendale Wagyu, we harness the strengths of British farmers and the topography of the landscape across the country to produce our beef sustainably and to the highest quality. Find out why our experienced farmers enjoy working with Wagyu on their farms.



Our unique integrated supply chain stems from consistently producing the highest quality British Wagyu Beef, whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront of our minds. Renowned for it’s excellent eating quality, the Wagyu Beef Breed originated in Japan, but has since grown in popularity throughout Australaisa, America and Europe. We are proud to produce and supply, luxury British Wagyu Beef, direct to your door.



Book in today to come and enjoy the very best award winning Wagyu steak that the UK has to offer.

Wagyu Burger


Wagyu Steak Burger
Cheese Burger Slices
Burger Sauce
Whatever garnish you like!

Serve with Fries


1. Cook your wagyu steak burger on a searing hot bbq for a couple of minutes.  Add your cheese slices until melted and gooey.  Toast the brioche bun until golden brown.  Dollop your burger sauce on your toasted burger bun.  Place your cooked burger on your bun.  Garnish with anything you like i.e mayo, lettuce, tomato, gherkins etc.  Enjoy.